Registration Deadline Reminder! Sign up for the SAT and ACT!1 min read

As summer is fast approaching, we at College Compass wanted to remind you of the upcoming SAT and ACT test dates!

SAT Test DateRegular Registration DeadlineLate Registration Deadline

You can register for the SAT exam here!

ACT Test DateRegular Registration DeadlineLate Registration Deadline

You can register for the ACT exam here!

These are the last administrations of the exam  until this fall, so make sure you sign up if you haven’t already! After the June test dates, the next SAT will be in October, and the next ACT in September. While the September and October dates won’t be too terribly late if you’re applying for college this fall, if you wait until then, you might be put in a precarious position where you cannot retake the test. By taking the SAT or ACT this summer, you can hedge your bets knowing if you don’t do as well as you’d like, you still have several months to improve and re-take.

Also as a reminder, we highly recommend students take the SAT Subject Tests at this time, right after you’ve completed your AP exam. Since the Subject Tests are essentially mini-AP exams, you won’t have to do as much prep if you take them now as opposed to later in the fall or even a year from now.

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