Where should I take the SAT or ACT?

Standardized tests are offered at many high schools each weekend. When registering for the test, unless the other test locations have no available spots, multiple test sights will pop up. Choosing the best location may not seem immediately apparent, but hopefully these tips will help you out.

There are testing locations all around the city!
  1. Pick the location that is the closest to your home
    Test day can be stressful. After weeks or months of studying, you’re about to sit down for a long, difficult test. Get rid of any unnecessary worries or issues by shortening your commute. Taking the test at a close-by high school reduces the chances of being late due to traffic, and most likely, you won’t be traveling to a new area to take a test. Plus, if the high school is really close, you could always sleep in for a few extra minutes. (Don’t oversleep, though!)
  2. Pick the location that you are the most familiar and comfortable with
    Taking the test at a location you have been to before also reduces test day nerves. Students who are testing in a new place may worry about the classroom they will be in or worry about getting lost upon entering the building. Taking the test at a location you know well eliminates those risks so you can focus completely on the test.
  3. Sign up early!
    Popular testing spots fill up quickly. Sign up as soon as possible after registration opens to ensure that you can have the largest selection of testing locations. That way, you can pick the location that is best for you.

Hopefully these tips can help you pick the best testing location. Remember, when taking standardized tests, always try to eliminate unnecessary stress by studying and practicing before the test, preparing your testing materials ahead of time, getting a lot of rest the night before, eating a good breakfast the morning of the exam, and leaving for your exam on time.

Good Luck!

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