Make sure to get some sleep the night before the test!

SAT Countdown Tips

1.  Dress for Success!
The thermostat at the testing center is likely to have been set earlier that morning by some grumpy person who’s even groggier than you are. You don’t want to trust that person with your comfort. Shivering while you bubble is a sure way to “make a stray mark” on your test. Avoid this by wearing adjustable layers so you can adapt to your surroundings easily.

2. Yummy Yummy in your Tummy
Eat a good, healthy breakfast before your test.  Your growling stomach won’t be whispering the correct answers to you.

3.  Forty Winks
Falling asleep during the SAT: fail.

Make sure to get some sleep the night before the test!

4. The Cram Scam
OMG, the test is, like, soon!  Let’s, like, drink some red bull and, like, cram!  Like, big mistake.  Cramming is not effective and will probably tire you out.  Just get plenty of rest, review your notes (at normal hours), and trust in your preparation!

5. Unfashionably Late
The SAT isn’t your cousin’s birthday party.  Don’t show up late.  You will get everyone’s attention, sure, but only because the giant security guards will be throwing you out of the testing center.

6. Always Be Prepared
Go here! Check everything off!  Do it!

7. All Roads Lead To…
…your SAT testing center.  Or you better hope they do, if you don’t know how to get there.  If you’re taking your test at an unfamiliar location, make sure you know exactly how to get there.  Don’t forget about traffic!

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