SAT Geometry – Sample Problem/Sample Clip

Have you thought about taking a PSAT & SAT Online course, but weren’t sure whether it would be effective? Join the club. A number of students and parents are hesitant to register and pay for an online prep course because they don’t believe, or are just unsure, whether it would work for them or their children.

College Compass is here to allay those worries and uncertainties! The Test Masters PSAT & SAT Online Course is the most comprehensive and successful preparatory class available. Don’t believe us? Check out the clip below, in which a Test Masters instructor explains how to answer an SAT Geometry question … without even using any math!

Remember, Test Masters’ test experts are also available in person for full-length classroom courses and one-on-one tutoring!

Have a question? Ask the experts at Test Masters!


You can find more sample clips on the Test Masters YouTube channel.


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