SAT Perfect Score Profile – College Compass Interviews Perfect Scorer Aditya Srivatsan

Aditya Srivatsan
Aditya Srivatsan sits down with College Compass to talk about his Perfect Score on the SAT.

Aditya Srivatsan is one more in a long line of Test Masters students to achieve greatness and score a perfect 2400 on the SAT. Test Masters, the nation’s fastest growing professional exam preparation company, issued Aditya a $1,000 Perfect Score Scholarship check to commemorate his achievement; College Compass took the opportunity to sit down with Aditya and learn a little more about him, his preparation strategies, and the role Test Masters played in helping him join the nation’s top 1% of elite test takers.

Aditya, a student at Stephen F. Austin High School, is the Chair of the Greater Houston Red Cross Youth Service Council. In addition to philanthropy, Aditya is also a talented musician, “Music is my passion. I have been playing violin about the past 10 years and am part of the Austin High School symphony orchestra which has performed in Chicago, Boston, and Austria. I have been playing the Tabla (an Indian percussion instrument) for the past 9 years and have given numerous performances in Houston as well as played on the Front Row segment of KUHF radio.”

This young man plans to fuse his tremendous academic capacities and passion for music, “I would like to research effects of Music on the human brain and find ways in which music therapy can be used to treat neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s, Stroke, and Aphasia.”

Aditya credits his Perfect Score to the work he did with Test Masters, “I took Test Masters the summer before my junior year, and I thought it was really instrumental in me achieving a perfect score. They had a ‘Big Word’ list online with over two thousand words; I felt that list contained every single word that could appear on the SAT.”

College Compass sat down with Aditya to discuss his accomplishment in more depth.

Q: What made you decide to take Test Masters?

A:  “Most all of my friends had taken Test Masters, so I decided to do the same. Apart from studying on my own, Test Masters was the only prep course I took.”

Q: Do you think you could have gotten a perfect score without Test Masters? How helpful was Test Masters in helping you attain a perfect score?

A: “I do not feel like I could have achieved a perfect score without both Test Masters and Exam Club. Test Masters provided great tips for the writing section and essay and also had a great vocabulary list to study from online. Exam Club was immensely useful and gave me the very necessary opportunity to practice for the SAT.”

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Q: What did you think of the quality of study materials available at Test Masters?

A:  “The book Test Masters gives has great strategies for writing and math. I especially loved the grammar section, in which all the possible SAT grammar mistakes were listed.  The blue official SAT book is also very useful for practice as it has 10 sample tests. My favorite resource was the Big Word List with 2000+ words. I felt like it had almost every possible SAT vocab word on it.”

Q: What did you think of the Test Masters teachers?

A:  “I liked the teachers best. They were very entertaining yet at the same time knowledgeable and helpful. I also loved the treats they gave us each class.”

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That’s enough from us; let’s hear what Aditya had to say for himself:


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