SAT Perfect Score Profile: College Compass Interviews Perfect Scorer Grace Cheng

Grace (right) accepts a $1,000 SAT Perfect Score Scholarship check to commemorate her 2400 on the SAT.

College Compass is proud to announce yet another Test Masters student has achieved a Perfect Score on the SAT; Grace Cheng joins a growing list of Test Masters alumni to achieve academic excellence and score a perfect 2400 on their SAT.

Grace is a very active student at Cypress Falls High School, where she is a member of the Science Olympiad team, Literacy Lovers club, Key Club, Mu Alpha Theta, Underclassman Mentorship Program, and (*pause to breathe*) the Science National Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society, and National Honor Society.

Like most Test Masters students, Grace valued all the practice her Test Masters SAT preparatory course afforded her, “I really appreciated being given the opportunity to practice (through tutorials, in-class exams, and Exam Club) by doing problem sets from actual College Board tests. By the time I finally took the SAT, I felt like I knew generally what to expect and that gave me more confidence.”

Grace went on to say, “I do not think that I could have achieved a perfect score without taking Test Masters. The guidelines Test Masters gave us really helped to improve my writing score and my essay scores.”

Though unsure of what university she would like to attend, Grace would like to study both science and math at the undergraduate level, saying “I am interested in pursuing a career in engineering, either chemical, mechanical, or biomedical.”

College Compass knew Grace had more to say about her SAT success, which is why we sat down with her to ask about her test prep experiences and the role Test Masters played in her transformation from test-taker to test-expert.

Q: What did you think about the quality of teachers and teaching at Test Masters?

A:  “I definitely liked the fact that Test Masters actually taught us how to answer the questions on the SAT (and did not just provide ‘tricks’ on how to guess the right answer). The classes were fun and engaging, and the teachers were also very charismatic.”

Q: What advice do you have for the students preparing for the SAT?

A:  “For me, practice was the biggest thing that allowed me to improve my score. I think it is also important to be careful while you are taking the test and to check over your work if you have the time so that you do not lose points off of misreading or bubbling wrong.”

Q: Why did you take a test prep course?

A:  “I chose to enroll in a test prep course because lots of people recommended taking a course before taking the SAT… I did not take any other test prep course.”

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You can see more SAT Perfect Score success stories here. Remember, Test Masters helped Grace and countless others achieve success on the SAT, and we can help you too!

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