SAT Perfect Score Profile – College Compass Interviews Perfect Scorer Pranav Bhamidipati

Pranav, accepting a $1,000 SAT Perfect Score Scholarship check in recognition of his exemplary SAT score.

Pranav Bhamidipati recently enjoyed the experience of a lifetime, when he discovered he had not just done well on the SAT, but gotten a perfect 2400. Pranav joins the nation’s top 1% of test takers, and an increasing number of Test Masters alumni, to achieve ultimate standardized success and earn a Perfect Score on the SAT.

Like many of Test Masters’ most accomplished students Pranav started preparing for the SAT early, “I took Test Masters the summer before junior year, and I feel like it helped me a lot to get comfortable with the test.”

Pranav, a student at St. John’s School, has a variety of interests. His wheelhouse includes theater, music, philosophy, biology, and athletics. Among other things, Pranav plays the violin, is a member of SRD, an independent study course for Scientific Research and Design, and was a National Merit Scholarship Corporation Commended Student for the score he received on the PSAT he took in 2011.

On taking the Test Masters PSAT & SAT preparatory course the summer before he took the PSAT, Pranav said, “The teachers are just great; they are really funny and they just have a great sense of humor. It makes it a little bit easier to come to class in the middle of the summer.”

College Compass jumped at the chance to sit down with Pranav and discuss his exemplary SAT scores and the role Test Masters played in taking him from test-taking apprentice to test-taking master.

Q: What did you like best about Test Masters?

A:  “Test Masters gave me the skills and familiarity I needed to face the exam confidently.”

Q: What did you think of the Test Masters teachers?

A:  “It is evident that they are quite knowledgeable about in their respective subjects; they teach the course at both a basic level and an advanced level.”

Q: What advice do you have for students currently preparing for the SAT?

A:  “The most important factor to doing well on the SAT is not how much you study (although that is still important). The most crucial aspect is your mindset. You need to be able to enter the testing room without fear or nervousness and with a clear mind.”

Q: Do you think you could have achieved a perfect score had you not taken a Test Masters class?

A: “I think my score would have been high, but I definitely would not have gotten a 2400.”

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Let’s let Pranav speak for himself; check out the video below!


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