Extra SAT Vocabulary — Dichotomy

di·chot·o·my dīˈkätəmē/ noun

Dichotomy is a word that is used to represent the division between two things that are completely different. The implication in using this word is that two things are in direct contrast to each other, almost like opposite pairs

Sample Sentence:

There is a strong dichotomy between intuition and logic — one is an inherently unprovable feeling, and the other is a philosophical science rooted in deductive reasoning.

In this sentence, “dichotomy” is describing the opposing relationship between intuition and logic. If you already know what intuition and logic are, then it should be pretty clear what “dichotomy” means, because you already know that intuition and logic are opposites. If you don’t, then you can use the descriptions at the end of the sentence to figure out that “dichotomy” is being used to represent the opposing relationship.

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