“Senioritis” is Not Allowed!

got senioritis?
The season is here! Not football season, not holiday season, oh yes…college application season! That’s right seniors, get pumped.

Senior year can easily be your best year of high school by far. With that said, it is by no means a “slack-off” year. “Senioritis” will not be tolerated.

Your previous years of high school have led up to this moment. You’ve made it this far, but the game is far from over. This is your “make or break” semester. The one that separates the men from the boys. Welcome to the fourth quarter.

Now, there is no need to panic and stress. As long as you stick to the game plan you shall be rewarded. As we head into the month of October, there are some things that need to be acquired by now:

The most important being your SAT and/or ACT scores. If you are taking them this month or next month, make sure that you send your scores to the colleges that you are applying to. You have studied for them for as long as you possibly can. It’s time to shine. Get that dream score and be done with it.

Letters of recommendation will also be very important. By now you probably have a nice, general idea as to which teachers will write you a good letter. If the teacher really enjoyed shipping you off to detention, you might not want to ask them for a letter…

If you are worried that you cannot find a good teacher to write a recommendation, look elsewhere, such as your after school activities. You can always ask your athletic coach, your student council sponsor, or even the chess club master. If you worked a job after school, ask your employer. If you were involved in internships or volunteer opportunities, ask the people you worked for. Whatever the case may be, there will be somebody out there who is willing to write you a letter. All you have to do is ask.

Just be sure to ask them for this letter as early as possible. Give them plenty of time to write your letter of recommendation. Remember, these are people who also have busy schedules. Schedules that are even busier than yours. Hard to believe isn’t it?

“The early bird gets the worm.” Get those applications finalized. The earlier the better. And make sure the application is completely filled out. This is not the time to look sloppy. Turning in your applications early not only makes you look like you are on top of things, but you could even get an earlier response. Plus, do you really want to spend your entire winter break stuck at home filling out your applications at the last minute?

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Now, there are two types of applications that you can send. One is Early Action and the other is Early Decision.

Early Action means that you apply to the school earlier than the regular deadline, and you will receive a response sooner as well. This is non-binding, which means you do not have to commit to the school. This gives you the opportunity to figure out which colleges you are already accepted to, making your decision process a little less hectic.

Early Decision means that you also apply earlier than the regular deadline, but the only difference is that it is a binding agreement. This would mean that you must attend the school if they accept you. If you absolutely have your heart set on a particular school, and you cannot imagine yourself going anywhere else, then this may be the way for you to go.

Get the job done now, and go home with the “W”. Lebron and Kobe wouldn’t slack off in the fourth quarter during the most important game of their lives would they? Absolutely not, and neither should you.

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