Stephanie Lin Earns Perfect ACT Score

LaGrange High School Junior Stephanie Lin accomplished one of the rarest feats achieved by any high school student: a perfect 36 on her ACT college entrance exam. Lin, a student of Lyons Township High School, joined an elite group of academically gifted high school students across the nation and, in doing so, secured a much better position for her future.

Lin’s primary advice for ACT test takers is to prepare for the psychological effects of the exam. “For the ACT, a lot is just having the mindset of test taking,” says Lin. “Don’t forget to refresh your mind from time to time, because it’s almost inevitable that the infamous boredom ghoul will haunt you as you go through each test. Particularly because after the math section (which is one hour!) it gets very tiring, it’s good to refresh and recall the tips you’ve learned.” She added, “And get a good night’s sleep, too!”

Lin’s secret to success is the hard work and dedication required of any champion achieving a rare and impressive feat: practice and dedication to perfection.

“I think all the practice and guidance was what helped me achieve a perfect score,” says Lin.

Lin also gave some credit to her Test Masters online ACT course. “Studying regular schoolwork is hard enough – having a Test Masters instructor (very friendly and funny ones at that) progress through the lessons was beyond helpful.”

Lin took the Test Masters online ACT course. She has also taken the company’s online SAT, SAT Math II and SAT Chemistry courses. Her performance on the exam, as well as her track record of dedication, completes Lin’s portfolio as a star scholastic performer.

In addition to her stellar achievement on the ACT, Lin is a practiced pianist, experienced equestrian, and a badminton state champ. She also speaks three languages and volunteers weekly at the hospital, where she likes to smile at the cute little faces in the nursery. She is interested in becoming a biomedical engineer and would like to attend Yale or Brown. Lin hopes to one day design medical devices for the betterment of the health field.

“I think my clearest dream for the future is that I want my work to have significance for myself and for others,” says Lin. “For example, if I go into biomedical engineering and my coworkers and I develop some magnificent tool, that would probably be the most satisfying feeling – an outcome that has reflected all of the hard work put into it.”

In recognition of her accomplishment, Test Masters will award Lin a $1000 college scholarship.

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