Steven Sun Dunks on the SAT

4.0-star recruit Steven Sun made waves in October by posterizing the SAT and putting up a record 2400 points in the latest administration of the test. As only a sophomore at Cinco Ranch High School, Sun has shown remarkable talent that was improved by the focused coaching he received at the Team TestMasters summer training camp. Sun attributes much of his success to the instruction he received at TestMasters, saying “I wouldn’t even have gotten close to a perfect score without the class. It was probably the main reason I got a perfect score.” Sun describes the instructors as “really chill” who “made the whole test seem really simple and straightforward.”

He also has high praise for the course materials. “The vocabulary list basically carried me since every answer for all the sentence completion questions were on it. The study materials alone would probably be enough to get a perfect score, and the combination of the materials and teaching really made it much easier.”

Only a sophomore, Sun is as yet undecided on which university he hopes to commit to, but as a long term goal he plans to go pro in the field of medicine. He hopes to one day practice as a neurologist, that is, when he’s not busy practicing his dunks and layups. Sun is an avid basketball fan and jokes that his “only other hope career-wise is to grow a foot and gain about 30-50 pounds of muscle so I can play professional basketball.” Recruiters and scouts take note.

Sun’s advice to future test takers is to improve their game by constantly scrimmaging. Specifically, he says, “take a ton of practice tests and make sure you know how the questions are written” because “after a good amount of practice tests, you’ll be able to see patterns in the sections, and it all comes together.”

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  1. OMG steven i love you so much. U R so good @ basketbal and super smart. I truly hope you succeed in life, and get along with your room mate Matthew Lee. I am so proud of this cool article written about you, ;)))

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