Ten Reasons College RULES!

Leaving home for the first time to go off to college can be kind of scary. You go from being a wise high school senior to a clueless freshman, and have to learn the ropes of your new environment all over again. College is an amazing place, though, and if you follow these tips, you’ll be bound to flourish in no time. Here are 10 reasons why college absolutely rules!

  1. New Friends. Your high school buddies are great… but you’re bound to make new friends in college if that’s your goal. Get your back off the wall in the first semester. Don’t be shy! Remember, everyone is in the same situation!
  2. New Places. Even if you go to school in the city where you have always lived, you are likely to see a few new nooks and crannies in that town. Explore the city/town/village/dormitory you now live in, and get to know it. It’s home for four years.
  3. You’re in the Majors Now. No longer are you engaged in minor league education. Most of your instructors will have PHDs. Even some of the teaching assistants at your school will have master’s degrees. Your classes will almost always offer you something educational.
  4. Choose your major wisely.

    You Get a Major Now. College, in some ways, actually narrows your educational focus… and that’s a good thing! Are you tired of Algebra? Political science majors take roughly one math credit at many schools. Don’t like writing? Feel free to stick to the more math and science-oriented classes.

  5. Campus Services. Every college comes with perks. Find them and take advantage of them. Does your campus have a gym? Go! It comes with tuition! Is there a coffee shop on the premises? I bet it’s full of smart, young students looking to make their way in the world.
  6. Free Fun! Events on campus range from super lame to super awesome. Find the stuff that interests you and go do it. It’s fun and it’s free.
  7. Respect. You will be surprised how many opportunities open up for you when you tell people you are a college student and explain your hopes and dreams to them. For those that are tired of being treated like a child, merely telling people you are enrolled in higher education classes is a ticket to instant respectability.
  8. Job Experience. Unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg or Michael Dell, you probably won’t walk out of college with a bajillion dollars. To get where you are going, you need experience in a field. The more times you start over, the longer it takes. The earlier you start, the faster you will get where you want to be. College is the perfect place to try out different fields.
  9. Rice University in 1913.

    Traditions. Most schools have something awesome and crazy going on. Rice University students, for example, have a long history of pulling scientifically complex pranks such as rotating a thousand pound statue of school founder William Rice 180 degrees in the middle of the night. Only at places full of smart youths does that kind of thing happen.

  10. It’s Your Thing (Do What You Wanna Do)! College belongs to you. You are either paying for it or are attending to make the most of your parents money or scholarship money. The experience belongs to you. No one can take away what you will get out of it. Own it.

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