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Hey gang! Check out what parents and students are saying about their experience with the Test Masters PSAT/SAT & ACT course:

“The writing of this letter was motivated by the exceptional job done by Test Masters in preparing our daughter to take the SAT exam…she began an SAT prep course from one of the two major national review companies. The results and attitude were very disappointing. A month after completing that review course she enrolled in Test Masters after excellent recommendations from friends and acquaintances. For less money than the first review course, she was tutored at no charge when she needed extra help…We, as her parents, cannot say enough good things about the help and attitude of the people at Test Masters…We greatly appreciate the expertise and helpful attitude of the people at Test Masters.”

Jim & Carolyn (Parents)

“I have 3 children, 2 in college and 1 a high school senior. All 3 attended the Test Masters SAT preparation class, and all 3 were granted early admission to the college of their choice due in part to their high SAT scores. Thanks for that, too.”

Mike (Parent)

“Test Masters helped me with the science section of the ACT! I felt more confident and comfortable on the section.”

Saumya W.

“Test Masters is seriously the best. Before I took Test Masters, I thought I knew everything about the SAT and that I didn’t need to take Test Masters to help me improve my score. But I didn’t know everything and Test Masters helped me with my essays and my critical reading. It helped me and it’ll help you.”

Jennifer Y.

“In two weeks my SAT scores improved by over 200 points! The instructors were great and very funny. Thank you Test Masters.”

Lillian H.

“Test Masters got my essay from a 3 to a 10. Test Masters has awesome teachers who helped me with a lot of different areas. Thanks!!”

Leslie J.

Test Masters not only gives students the tools and skill sets they need to succeed on the PSAT/SAT & ACT, but does so in a fun, energetic, and engaging way! Learn more about Test Masters’ College Admissions courses here.


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