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Hey gang! Check out what students are saying about their experience in the Test Masters PSAT/SAT & ACT course:

“Test Masters definitely helped me for the SATs. They gave me easy strategies to get through it and now I’m not panicking anymore. Also, surprisingly, it was fun. The teachers’ fun personality made people actually want to learn.”

-Tiffany C.

“I had a 1900 in the beginning. Now I have a 2300 after 5 weeks. Ya’ll are awesome.”

-Rachel K.

“Test Masters is a fantastic way to help raise your ACT score. It’s fun, helpful, and the instructors are good.”

Sydney D

“Go to Test Masters, get a 2400.”

-Narmadha G.

“Test Masters is fun and exciting. The teachers are hilarious and the classes are fun! My score went up a whopping 600 points! Wahoo for Test Masters.”

-Kelly C.

“Test Masters has profoundly impacted both my academic and personal outlook on life. Before taking this course, I was completely lost as to how to take the SAT, but the inspirational and appropriately humorous teachers have completely turned my score around for the better. Above all, however, I was just shocked by the generous dispersion of candy.”

-Jiaqin C.

Test Masters not only gives students the tools and skill sets they need to succeed on the PSAT/SAT & ACT, but does so in a fun, energetic, and engaging way!




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