The “Freshman-Five” Words of Advice

Congratulations freshman! You’ve survived your first couple months. Is it just what you imagined? Now, we understand that the first semester of freshman year can be a little rocky. Which is why we made a list of just 5 things for you “newbies” to follow:

1.) There will be no tolerance for sub par behavior! “But freshman year is supposed to be difficult! We have a lot more responsibilities, and it’s just hard to get used to everything!” DO NOT let this be an excuse! Freshman year still counts! Everything from here on out will be on your official transcript, which is the official record of your grades from each semester. When you apply to college, or for a scholarship, or even for a job, your official transcript is what they will be looking at. And now is the time to do it right.

2.) Get yourself organized NOW. Developing strong skills in organization, time management, and especially studying, will be the keys to success that shall carry on throughout the rest of your high school as well as college career. Bad habits that form this early in your career will only become difficult to break, and they will be detrimental to your road to success.

3.) Meet with your counselor and discuss your goals for the future. Get to know this person, and form a steady relationship with them. Even though college seems far away, it is never too early to plan your college road map. Your counselor will be the one who can help you with this.

4.) Get involved in extracurricular activities NOW. Find an activity that best fits your interests. Do not expect to sit around for three years and then finally enroll in extracurricular activities your senior year. Colleges will not be fooled. They want to see that not only were you involved in these activities, but for how long you were committed. They also want to know if you held any leadership positions within these activities. Enrolling in extracurricular activities during your freshman year will serve as an advantage by the time you run for a leadership position as an upperclassman. Nobody just becomes president of student council, drum major, or even captain of the athletic team overnight. They made a commitment early on, and they worked their way to the top. And so will you.

5.) The final tip of the day is…READ…A LOT! The more you read, the more intelligent you shall become. This is no myth. We’re not saying to read Dickens or Chaucer in your spare time. Heavens no! Your english teachers will already have you doing that. But instead of worrying about what’s happening next on Jersey Shore, try picking up a newspaper and finding out what’s really going on in the world. Or pick up a magazine…preferably one with articles to read, rather than just pictures of your favorite celebs. Publications such as TIME and Newsweek will not only help you increase your overall intelligence, but they will serve as wonderful practice for the verbal sections on the SAT and the ACT. Higher scores are always awarded to the students who read. Once again, it is no myth, just a plain ol’ fact.

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There you have it! Following these tips will give you a strong start and will get you on the right path to achieve the goals that you have in mind. Now get back to studying!

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