Which Top 25 Schools Require the New SAT’s Optional Essay?1 min read

With the first administration of the New SAT approaching, you may be wondering whether or not you should take the Optional Essay. Though you might be inclined to skip it since it is “optional” after all, be aware that some schools do require you to take this portion of the SAT. We’ve compiled some information from US News and World Report’s Top 25 Universities, listing whether or not they require the Optional Essay, per the information provided by College Board.

SchoolStance on Essay
ColumbiaNeither Require Nor Recommend
University of ChicagoNeither Require Nor Recommend
MITNeither Require Nor Recommend
DukeNot Reported *
UpennNeither Require Nor Recommend
Cal TechRequire
Johns HopkinsNeither Require Nor Recommend
NorthwesternNot Reported *
BrownNeither Require Nor Recommend
CornellNeither Require Nor Recommend
VanderbiltNot Reported *
Wash UNeither Require Nor Recommend
Notre DameNeither Require Nor Recommend
UC BerkeleyRequire
GeorgetownNeither Require Nor Recommend
Carnegie MellonNeither Require Nor Recommend
USCNeither Require Nor Recommend

* Not Reported indicates schools who did not report their preference to College Board at the time of writing.

As you can see, here, the general consensus on the essay is pretty split. About half of the schools listed require the essay while the other half does not. If you’re interested in applying to Ivy League or top-tier schools, we highly recommend you take the SAT with Essay so you don’t close any doors.

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