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Top 5 Places to Study

Exam season is here! Having trouble finding peace and quiet to get your studying done? Maybe you’re studying in the wrong place! Here are the top five places that you should go to when trying to study for your exams.

1. Study at the Library

Well that’s a no-brainer isn’t it? Of course it is. For those of you who are looking for the quietest possible place to get your work done, here it is. For those of you who are going off to college, you will soon discover that the library will be your home away from home. This place is quiet, dead quiet. Not too mention, it’s not a bad place to get comfortable. There are plenty of cozy chairs, tables for you to lay out all your notes, books and encyclopedias, as well as computers and internet for further research. No Facebook and Twitter during studying! When considering a number one place to study and get some work done, the library will always be the best.

2. Study at the Bookstore

Similar to the library, but not as dead silent. Sometimes the liveliness of having people around can put you in a better mood than cramming yourself in a dark corner of a quiet library. And just like the library, there is plenty of information that you can access while you study. Not to mention, most bookstores have a café, so you can treat yourself to something to eat and drink so you can give your brain a nice jolt.

3. Study at the Coffee Shop

If you like the bookstore setting, but looking for smaller, more intimate space, then nothing is better than going to the local coffee shop. Warm up and wake up with a nice cup of Joe, or cool off with a nice Frappuccino. For those who actually need just a little noise and distraction during their studying, the coffee shop is the place to be. With the wonderful aroma, the soothing music, wifi, food, and drinks, there can’t possibly be a better place for you.

4. Study Outside

If you don’t like the idea of cramming yourself inside, then why not go outside? Nothing can be more relaxing than getting some fresh air and Vitamin D during your studies. If you can find a park nearby, most of them have benches, tables, and gazebos that are perfect for you to set up shop and get your work done. Nothing could be more relaxing than a cool breeze along with the sounds of birds chirping and leaves rustling. If you’re an outdoorsy kind of person, then studying outside may just be for you.

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5. Study in Your Room

If all else fails and you have no place to go, you can always depend on your room. As long as you are disciplined enough to stay away from the distractions of your room such as your TV, bed, video games, etc. then your room is a great place to close yourself off from the rest of the world to get your work done. Everything you could possibly need is already there, which means you should have no excuse for getting your work done.

Find a place that is best for you. If you get sick of one place, find another place. Go wherever you need to go to get your studying done.

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