Top 5 Ways NOT to Embarrass Yourself during a College Admissions Interview

Don’t let an avoidable embarrassment ruin your College Admissions Interview.

The College Admissions Interview is an opportunity for you to be more than a GPA and list of qualifications and accomplishments. However, in the world of high-stakes academia a misstep or poor Admission Interview can spell disaster. Most interview blunders can be prevented with a little common sense, preparation, and fastidious hygiene. College Compass is happy to present its readers with a second installment of the Top 5 Ways NOT to Embarrass Yourself During a College Admissions Interview.

#3) Be yourself.

“Who should I be in the interview room?”

Mirror-Baby knows it's okay to like yourself.
Mirror-Baby knows it’s okay to like yourself.

You are selling yourself, so be the best, polished, politest version of yourself you can be, but be honest. You have already gotten the attention of the school you are applying to, so there is no need to start trying to be someone you’re not. They are interested in you, not some Superman-like or Wonder Woman-esque parody of you. If you try to be someone you aren’t, then you rob the interviewer of a chance to get to know the “real” you.

It may help to start to think of yourself as a product that you want the institution to buy; you can’t lie about what a product does or what it’s made of, but you can dress it up in the best possible light.


“What are your future goals” / “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

Even if you were planning on moving to some fabulous beach in the near future, you wouldn’t mention that in an interview!

If you were applying for a job, you wouldn’t tell them you are planning on moving to the Bahamas in two years or they wouldn’t hire you. This principle applies to an admissions interview as well. If you are applying for a spot in the Music department at Berkley, don’t spend your interview taking about how you intend to pursue a degree in law after graduation. If you are applying for an accelerated MD program, don’t mention your love for Shakespearean poetry. Yes, you want to come across as a versatile candidate who brings a lot to the table, but you do not want to seem like you are unfocused or even hesitant about your plans for the future and how this particular university and program can help you accomplish those plans.

When asked, present a future in which you are using your undergraduate knowledge and experiences in your everyday life and where you are ultimately better off because you secured a spot at the university. This will make it seem as if being chosen is the next logical step in your 5 year or 10 year plan.

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