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The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston has partnered with The University of Texas Medical branch at Galveston and the University of Houston to admit select UH undergraduate students to an accelerated BS/MD program designed to help students earn their Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) in seven years rather than eight. This represents an impressive and significant step forward for the University of Houston, who in addition to debuting this accelerated MD program was also recently named a Tier One research university by the Carnegie Foundation.

Starting Fall 2013, 10 talented undergraduate students were handpicked to enter this intensive premed program. These students will spend three years as undergraduates at the University of Houston while working towards their Bachelor of Science degree. The curriculum for this accelerated program will include a heavy emphasis on math and science, with most classes existing under the umbrella of the University of Houston Honors Program; this course will also feature “a two-semester capstone honors course called The Human Situation, which will provide an open conversation about the most important issues for human beings.” The inclusion of The Human Situation honors course into this accelerated BS/MD program reflects the growing importance medical schools have placed on applicants being capable of understanding the ethical and moral dilemmas that modern doctors must deal with in the workplace.

The University of Houston has made two other rather impressive strides over the past two years. UH has finally achieved recognition as a Tier One research university, becoming one of only three public universities in Texas (along with the University of Texas and Texas A&M University) to be recognized by the Carnegie Foundation, “a nationally recognized policy and research center that systematically evaluates and classifies colleges and universities based on empirical data,” for having a staff engaged in a high level of research activity. Perhaps even more significantly, along with this very special accommodation, the University of Houston raised more than $100 million through private donations in 2011-2012.

If you or someone you know might be interested in this accelerated MD program, we encourage you to contact the UH Honors College.

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