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Question:  I am working on my college resume, but I don’t feel like I have enough to fill the page. I haven’t received an award and I don’t have any work experience what should I do?

Answer: A resume is meant to show off your strengths, not highlight your weaknesses, so there are ways to spin your resume to work for you. Most high school resumes include several main headings: 1) Education, 2) Awards and Honors, 4) Work/Leadership Positions, 5) Extracurricular Activities, 6) Skills.

These headings can always be combined, excluded, or changed to best reflect your experiences.

Defining Work Experience

Many high school students don’t work traditional jobs but have been committed to doing something like babysitting for years. Any type of work, whether babysitting, working at a family owned business, or volunteering, shows responsibility.

When putting together your resume, think of any kind of work or activity that demonstrates responsibility, dedication, or skill. Think about your role in extracurricular activities or clubs, leadership positions, summer programs, or volunteer work.

If you have spent 3 hours a day practicing and performing with your school dance team for the past 3 years, then you clearly have the ability to commit. For college admissions officers, this translates to your ability to commit to your academics at their school.

Time To Shine

If you still have a few months before college apps are due, think about ways you can enhance your college resume while also gaining valuable enrichment experiences. Consider volunteering, joining a club you are passionate about, getting a job, or stepping up as an officer for an org you are involved with.

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